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Would you like to make your commercial building more energy-efficient, but aren’t sure where to begin? Sign up for a free energy walk-through with a commercial energy advisor who will help you understand your energy use and identify potential projects that could qualify for rebates.

What can you expect?

One of our team members will contact you to set up a site visit and request any required information. During the site visit, you will receive guidance on potential energy saving opportunities, and how to participate in our energy efficiency rebate programs.

Does your business qualify?

The Energy Walk-Through is available to all commercial customers in New Brunswick (regardless of energy provider or fuel source), who own, manage, or lease a commercial building that is at least 2 years old. You can verify if you’re eligible by looking for a Commercial rate code (GS1/GS2 or equivalent) on your electricity bill from your utility provider. Exceptions may apply to multi-unit residential buildings (MURBs) with 3+ units, agricultural buildings, and places of worship.

Energy efficiency rebates

We'll show you how your energy saving upgrades may qualify for incentives that could reach up to $250,000 per electricity-saving project, and 25% back - up to $1 million - for projects reducing greenhouse gas emissions through other fuel savings.

Rebates are also available towards the costs of your Energy Audit or Feasibility Study, based on the size of your building. You could get up to 100% back on the costs of an energy audit or feasibility study when you complete one or more recommended upgrades.

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