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Success Stories

Moncton Golf and Country Club, Moncton, NB


Moncton Golf and Country Club

Moncton Golf and Country Club, Moncton, NB/th>
Upgrades: 4 Mini-Split Ductless Heat Pumps to improve comfort and save on heating and cooling
Cost: $26,699.96
Rebate: $6,674.99 

Kathy Bureaux, General Manager of the Moncton Golf and Country Club, and her team run a year-round operation at the golf club, restaurant and event venue. With beautiful floor- to- ceiling windows that attract heat in the summer and cold in the winter, their existing heating and cooling unit was becoming unsustainable – constantly breaking down and needing some major repairs. A better solution was needed. When plans were underway to start a large-scale renovation, it was the perfect time to also upgrade their heating and cooling equipment.

After a visit to the NB Power website, they learned about incentive available through the Business Rebate Program and made the decision to go with improved technology that was more energy efficient.

The comfort of the many Golf and Country Club members, staff and visitors was top of mind, along with improved energy efficiency and cost savings. “Our staff rave about the comfort they’ve experienced in comparison to previous years,” said Kathy. “Our members really appreciate walking into the clubhouse after 18-holes and being able to cool off and relax.”

Although the comparison to last year is not completely aligned given the pandemic, the club has seen a significant impact and lower bills since the install, despite being even busier this season. Kathy and her team look forward to a more pleasant workplace and the benefits of energy efficiency in the years to come.


Bethel Assembly Church, Woodstock, NB


Bethel Assembly Church

Bethel Assembly Church, Woodstock, NB
Upgrades: 3 Mini-Split Ductless Heat Pumps to replace baseboard electric heaters
Cost: $11,825.00
Rebate: $2,956

Reverend Ron Ecker was searching for a way to make the Bethel Assembly Church more energy efficient when NB Power staff pointed him to the Business Rebate Program.

“We weren’t eligible for the residential program, and too small to go through the commercial program, so we reached out and found out about the Business Rebate Program,” says Pastor Ecker.

Through the Business Rebate Program, the Church was able to install three mini-split ductless heat pumps to replace baseboard electric heaters. “It was quite easy to go through the Program and find answers when we had questions. We want to be a help and reduce our energy consumption in the province, and we knew we could find cost-savings through the mini-splits. And on top of the cost savings, members of our congregation are much more comfortable now.”

Commercial program lead Shawn Chisholm says the Business Rebate Program makes it easy for New Brunswick businesses to reduce energy costs and shrink green house gas emissions by making energy upgrades. “If you have an upgrade in mind, let us know and we can help determine if you’re eligible for 25% back on equipment and installation costs,” Chisholm says.