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How to get started

Step 1: Schedule Your Energy Audit

Contact an approved Energy Management Service Provider (EMSP) listed on our website to schedule an energy audit. The EMSP will perform the audit, discuss potential projects with you, prepare an audit report and submit an application on your behalf to NB Power. NB Power will review your application and email you a welcome kit. The welcome kit will include the following documents: Program Agreement; Statement of Work form with instructions; Request for Payment with instructions; and, a Direct Deposit Form. It is the Participant's responsibility as the applicant to ensure that the professional selected has the necessary training, credentials and experience suitable for their business.

Click here for questions to ask your EMSP

An EMSP typically has the following qualifications to complete the comprehensive energy audit:

Either a Professional Engineer (P Eng), a Professional Technologist (P Tech), a Certified Engineering Technologist (CET), an Architect or a Certified Energy Manager (CEM) with a minimum of two years experience evaluating energy systems in commercial buildings –  performing comprehensive energy audits. Alternatively, an Engineer-In-Training under the supervision of a P Eng., a P Tech or a CET with the previously referenced experience is acceptable; however, the supervisor must certify and sign the comprehensive energy audit report.

Click here for a directory of Energy Management Service Providers.

Step 2: Submit Program Agreement

Please return to NB Power the signed Program Agreement that was included in the welcome kit. The EMSP will submit proof of payment for the energy audit and you will be issued the audit incentive payment within 60 days. Acceptable proof of payment is a copy of a paid invoice or a submittal by the EMSP indicating the audit amount and that the participant has paid the EMSP in full.

NB Power requires that a signed Program Agreement and the Audit Report be sent to NB Power before an audit incentive cheque is issued. If payment has not been received and a signed Program Agreement has been submitted please contact your EMSP.

Here is a detailed look at the audit incentives available.

Audit Incentives
Class 1 (Small)
Up to 15,000 sq ft or 1,394 sq m
Class II (Medium)
15,001 to
1395 sq m to 75,000 sq ft/ 6968 sq m
Class 3 (Large)
75,001sq ft / 6,969sq m and larger
Up to 100% of energy audit costs to a maximum of $3,000 Up to 100% of energy audit costs to a maximum of $5,000 Up to 100% of energy audit costs to a maximum of $8,000

* 50% of audit up to maximum shown

Step 3: Submit Your Statement of Work to NB Power

Once you receive the audit report, you can submit your Statement of Work to NB Power. The audit report provides detailed information on potential energy efficiency projects along with their estimated costs, energy savings, and an estimate of the time it will take for the investment to be paid back as a result of energy savings. The Statement of Work documents the efficiency projects you intend to implement. When you decide to go ahead with some or all of the recommended measures in your audit report, enter these in the Statement of Work.

Click here for instructions on how to complete a statement for work.

Step 4: Receive Approval to Get Started

NB Power will receive and review the completed Statement of Work and notify you when the projects have been approved. Once you receive the approval letter you can get started and proceed with implementing the recommendations.

Important: You cannot begin any project work prior to receiving approval of the Statement of Work from NB Power. You have 18 months from the date you sign the Program Agreement to complete your projects.

Step 5: Submit Request for Payment

At this point all the upgrades have been completed. Congratulations. Now it is time to request the incentive payment. Submit the Request for Payment form along with copies of invoices, receipts, etc.

Click here for instructions on how to complete a request for payment.

Step 6: Site Visit

A member of NB Power's staff may perform a site visit to confirm the installation of the energy efficiency measures. Once NB Power has approved your Request for Payment, you will receive the incentive for your energy efficient upgrades.

Step 7: Receive Incentive Payment

Once NB Power has approved your Request for Payment, the incentive for your energy efficient upgrades will be issued within 60 days of NB Power approving the claim and invoices.