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1. Why are you suspending the Small Business Lighting Program?

In order to better serve New Brunswick businesses and increase the effectiveness of commercial energy efficiency programs, we have made the decision to permanently suspend the Small Business Lighting Program.

2. When is the suspension becoming effective?

As of October 15, 2021, we will not be accepting any new Small Business Lighting program registrations.

3. Is another program replacing the Small Business Lighting Program?

Eligible commercial customers interested in doing energy efficient upgrades can participate in the Business Rebate program. Within that program, they can receive incentives on a number of energy efficiency upgrades, including lighting, HVAC and other equipment.

4. I am registered in the program; does that mean I won’t receive my incentives?

Individuals currently registered in the Small Business Lighting Program will not be impacted, provided they complete their upgrades within the timeframe indicated in the program guidelines. No extensions will be granted.

5. When do all upgrades need to be completed in order to receive my incentives?

All upgrades must be completed within 120 days of Statement of Work being signed by NB Power representative or before March 15, 2021.