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Small Business Lighting Program


This webpage is intended to assist Small Business Lighting Program participants in sending us (in a secure manner) electronic copies of their forms and additional required documents, as listed below:

  • Direct Deposit Enrolment Form
  • Product Specification Sheet
  • Request for Payment
  • Statement of Work
  • Supplier Invoice
  • Terms and Conditions

Important: To apply for Direct Deposit, you must upload a Direct Deposit Enrolment Form including a Financial Institution Stamp OR a Direct Deposit Enrolment Form and a voided cheque.

Contact Information

Language Preference
To help protect the environment and reduce unnecessary printing of paper, NB Power would prefer to communicate with you via email. Do you consent to receiving program materials electronically?

Document Upload

Please ensure the documents you are uploading are contained in up to 6 files with a total maximum size of 5 MB. You can submit this form again if you need to upload more documents.

Note: For more information on security and privacy of information, please read our Privacy Policy.