10 Ways to Stay Cool at Home This Summer

You can keep your home cool on the hottest days by using these simple tips.

Five Tips to Save Energy When Using Your Clothes Washer

Using a washer and dryer can consume a significant amount of energy. This article offers five tips for saving energy when using your clothes washer - without running out of clean pants to wear!

Which is More Energy Efficient: Dishwasher vs. Hand Washing

There is a long running debate about the most energy efficient way to wash your dishes. Is it using the dishwasher or washing by hand? Find the answer once and for all.

How a Comfortable Work Environment Improves Productivity

Natural lighting, consistent temperatures, and a clean and well-maintained HVAC system can increase employee focus, boost morale, and ensure productivity

Small Upgrades can Keep Your Home Office Cozy and Comfortable

As employees transition to permanently working from home, small upgrades can keep your home office cozy and comfortable and ensure you remain productive.

How the Outside Temperature Affects What Happens Inside Your Home

Outside temperatures affect your energy usage in winter and summer. Learn efficient ways to keep your home comfortable year round.

How to Hire the Right Contractor for Your Energy Saving Upgrades

Deciding to make energy efficient upgrades on your home can be exciting. You are ready to lower your energy bill, increase the comfort and value of your home and feel good about helping the environment.

Everything You Need to Know About Heat Pumps

Heat pumps can heat your home in the winter and cool and dehumidify it in the summer which makes your home more comfortable and energy efficient all year round.

Everything You Need to Know About Insulating Your Home

In this article we will discuss everything you need to know to ensure your home has adequate insulation, how insulation works, and the best types to use in various areas of your home.

Why Water Efficient Showerheads Work Better and Feel Better

It's time to retire the myth of "low flow". Water efficient showerheads and faucet aerators can reduce your water use and energy bill, without sacrificing comfort.

Eight Energy Efficient Habits You Can Adopt Now

Adopting energy efficient habits is easier than you think. This article outlines simple behaviours that will make a difference in your home energy use. 

Easy Ways to Increase Your Business's Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency doesn't have to be complicated - in this article we will show you nine easy ways to make your business more energy efficient.

How to Calculate ROI & Payback for Your Energy Efficiency Projects

The decision to make your business more sustainable by making energy efficient upgrades can seem like a never-ending list of potential projects.

Proper Lighting can Improve the Health of our Senior Citizens

The lights in your home or business can do much more than just light up your space. We rely on lights to brighten our homes, offices, and public spaces.

Is the Price Tag Stopping You from Purchasing an Electric Vehicle? It Doesn’t Have To

Learn more about electric vehicle rebates in New Brunswick

Three Reasons to Install a Drain Water Heat Recovery System

Do you wonder what happens to the hot water that goes down the drain when you take a bath, a shower, or run your dishwasher?

How to Conserve Energy and Boost Efficiency at Home

Making small and sustainable changes to your everyday life can lead to a lower carbon footprint and potential energy savings.

How to engage employees in saving energy at work

Saving energy in your business doesn't have to be complicated. Here are six ways to engage your employees in long-term energy-saving behaviours. 

Energy Saving Tips for Your Business

If you're a business owner it may seem impossible to keep expenses under control when you are pulled in many directions. There is one thing we can help you with and that’s your energy bill.

Three Ways to get Started on Your Energy Efficient Home Project

In this article, we're covering three ways to get started on energy efficient home projects. These tips are ideal for individuals who want to boost their home's energy efficiency before cold weather hits.

LED Lights Can Save Your Business Money

If you want to save on monthly and yearly operating expenses, look up. Replacing your old-fashioned incandescent or fluorescent lights with LED lights can save your business money, improve comfort for your tenants, and help to protect the environment.

Get Energy Savings and So Much More with Our Rebate Program

Business owners and operators face many expenses that they can’t control. But, by taking simple steps to make your business more energy efficient you can reduce one expense - your monthly energy bill.

Is your compressed air system meeting your needs?

A system audit can solve performance issues and find savings along the way.

How to Keep your Business's Energy Bill Low this Summer

If your energy bill is high during the summer your air conditioner may be to blame.

10 Things you Need to Know about Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles (EVs) are more accessible than ever for New Brunswickers. Yet, many people still think EVs are expensive to buy and maintain, and inconvenient to drive.  Here are 10 EV facts to consider.

Why Summer is a Great Time to Clean your Heat Pump

Annual maintenance makes your heat pump more reliable and efficient.

What’s a Building Envelope and What Does it Have to do With Energy Efficiency?

The envelope is key to making a building comfortable, energy efficient and healthy.

What is Air Sealing and Why Does it Matter?

Air sealing is the single most important thing you can do to make your home efficient, comfortable and healthy.

Small Changes Around the Home Can Save You Money

Making a few small changes to your energy use around your home will show up on your monthly bill. Even little changes can make a difference.

Invest in an Energy-Efficient HVAC System and Save Your Business Money

Investing in an energy-efficient HVAC system will have a measurable impact on your bottom-line.

How to Get Money Back When you Complete Energy-Saving Renovations

Learn how to get rebates for renovations that make your home more energy efficient. You’ll save on your monthly energy bills, and your home will be more comfortable.

7 Great Reasons to Use a Clothesline Instead of a Dryer

There are all sorts of great reasons to use a clothesline instead of a dryer, and saving money is only one of them.

How to Make Your Cottage More Energy Efficient

Life is simpler at the cottage, including many ways to reduce your energy use, and lower your monthly bill.

Can a heat pump be used for air conditioning?

That same unit you use to heat your home in winter can be switched to cooling mode in summer and become an air conditioner.