New Brunswick businesses are making a difference

The impact of energy-saving projects completed by hundreds of New Brunswick businesses is helping our province reach its Climate Goals by reducing Greenhouse Gas emissions.

Our Energy Champion initiative recognizes the people and businesses behind those projects. These are the organizations helping to create a brighter, more sustainable future for New Brunswick.

Your business can become an Energy Champion

We offer SaveEnergyNB programs for all sizes and types of businesses. Completing projects and upgrades through these programs will make your business eligible to receive the Energy Champion designation.

You’ll be welcomed into the Energy Champion community with an appreciation package that includes all the tools you need to communicate your environmental leadership to your employees, customers and community.

Business Rebate Program

The program offers you 25% back on energy efficient products and equipment for your business; from lighting to heating, cooling and ventilation, to commercial kitchen equipment, and more. 

Business Rebate Program

Commercial Buildings Retrofit Program

Up to $8,000 towards an audit to determine the potential for energy efficiency upgrades in a commercial building; and up to $1.25 million towards the implementation of the energy efficiency upgrades chosen. 

Commercial Buildings Retrofit Program

Industrial Incentive Program

Get up to $1.5 Million for greenhouse gas reducing upgrades. Includes incentives for studies, projects, and energy management systems. 

Industrial Energy Efficiency Program