Organizations looking to electrify their fleets but unsure if EVs will meet their needs can turn to technology for help. Solutions using data modeling can recommend the best EVs for your needs and help you manage your EV fleet to optimize the benefits.

In a popular transportation session at Energizing Efficiency 2023, Northern Business Intelligence (Northern BI) demonstrated how enhanced fleet management technology simplifies all aspects of acquiring, and managing an EV fleet.

Best-fit electric vehicles to replace internal combustion engine vehicles in your fleet

Switching your fleet from internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles to electric requires a deep analysis of your fleet range requirements. Understanding your needs makes it easier to select the right EVs for your needs. This can all be accomplished through data modeling that matches your needs with real-world EV performance data. Predictive analytics can then recommend EVs that meet fleet vehicles’ daily range requirements and charging needs.

Lifetime cost savings based on vehicle recommendations

There’s more to EV savings than fuel. The predictive modelling provides total cost of ownership benefits (e.g. maintenance, fuel, electricity) compared with procuring non-electric vehicles for your fleet.

Estimated reduction in fuel consumption and carbon emission

Data-driven estimates for fuel and carbon emissions reductions are provided in the data modeling. That, combined with total-cost-of-ownership projections make it easier to build the business case for your EV transition.

EV-specific fleet management software has unique capabilities to access non-standardized EV data from vehicles, ensuring fleets can collect, monitor, and report on ‘EV-specific’ data (ex. energy consumption, battery state-of-charge). And you can manage EV Charging with real-time notifications when an EV battery drops below a predetermined value (e.g., 20% battery state of charge) while on the road. This enhanced data allows you to optimize routes and charging scheduling.

Transitioning your fleet to electric requires a comprehensive business case that accurately compares EV options to conventional vehicles. Once you have made the switch, understanding performance will ensure your EVs are paying off.

EV Rebates in New Brunswick for Fleet Electrification

There are financial incentives available for New Brunswick businesses looking to electrify their fleets. Organizations based in the province are eligible for combined federal and provincial rebates of up to $10,000 per vehicle. Ask your dealer for details.

Learn more about efficiency advancements in the transportation sector at this year’s Energizing Efficiency conference. Explore the agenda and discover sessions featuring transportation alternatives for a low carbon future.