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Energy management is more important than ever before as we transition to a low carbon economy. That means energy efficiency is the most important tool to minimize environmental impact while maximizing productivity and profit.

We regularly facilitate course offerings to help build knowledge around energy efficiency and programs available to New Brunswickers, business owners, contractors and energy management service providers. 

The National Energy Code of Canada for Buildings 2020 (NECB)
Event Date Location
Building Energy Modelling Workshop

English: Sep 4 - Sep 5, 2024

French: Sep 11 - Sep 12, 2024

NECB 2020 Training - Designer - Online Ongoing Virtual
NECB 2020 Training - Contractor - Online Ongoing Virtual
NECB 2020 Training - Navigating and Applying the Code - Online Ongoing Virtual


Carbon Footprint Accounting
Event Date Location
Carbon Footprint Accounting: Scope 1 and 2 GHG Emissions

English: Oct 8, 2024 - Oct 9. 2024

French: Oct 15, 2024 - Oct 16. 2024



Navigating NECB Compliance Tiers: Insulation and Airtightness for Optimal Energy Performance
Event Date Location
Half-day, tradesperson Oct 28, 2024 Moncton
Full-day, designer Oct 29, 2024 Fredericton
Half-day, tradesperson Oct 30, 2024 Fredericton

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Quick Train Canada is providing free courses in partnership with Canadian colleges. Explore the Quick Train options. 

Energy Management Basics for Industrial Facilities 
No matter what industry you are in, energy management is key to remaining competitive. In the recordings below, Energy management expert Peter Bassett, president of Energy Performance Systems, presents: Energy Management Information Systems (EMIS) and how they can be used to better understand and optimize energy use at your facility.
Introduction to Energy Management

Topics covered:

  • Why manage energy?
  • What is energy management?
  • What are types of energy management actions?
  • The role of data in energy management
  • Examples of energy management application to a compressed air system

Introduction to Energy Management


An Introduction to Energy Management Information Systems (EMIS)

This webinar introduces the concept of Energy Management Information Systems (EMIS) and how they can help organizations drive energy improvement using data, analytics, reports and organizational engagement. The elements of EMIS, how to build the business case as well as what incentives are available from NB Power will form the basis of this webinar.

An Introduction to Energy Management Information Systems (EMIS)


Basics in Energy Data Analysis

In this webinar, you will learn how to use data to visualize, analyze and report on energy consumption, so you can better understand energy-use at your facility. You will also learn how to use energy data analysis to find opportunities to improve your usage

Basics in Energy Data Analysis


What Energy Managing Organizations look like in 2021

This webinar provides examples of practices used by leading industrial organizations to continuously manage energy and drive energy reductions as well as key elements of a basic energy management system that can be adopted by any size of organization.

What Energy Managing Organizations look like in 2021