Crabbe Mountain

Crabbe Mountain, Central Hainesville, NB
Upgrades: Snow making system, programmable thermostats installed in lodge
Incentive amount: $11,067
Investment: $30,377
Estimated annual savings : $9,500
"This season, thanks to the efficiency upgrades, we were able to make more snow, faster leading into the Christmas Break, resulting in more terrain open for skiing and riding. We’re saving money, which is great, but we’re also offering a better experience for our customers – with more runs open earlier than in previous years." – Crabbe Mountain General Manager Jordan Cheney

"We were hired by Crabbe Mountain to find energy savings, and investigate potential savings in trail lighting upgrades on the Mountain. But what the energy audit revealed was much greater energy-savings potential in the snow-making system, as that alone accounted for 39% of Crabbe’s energy use. Thanks to the Commercial Buildings Retrofit Program, Crabbe Mountain was able to find out about this energy saving opportunity, implement the upgrades, and will also see a faster return on their investment." – Tek Consultants’ Brandon Fictorie