Fundy Harbour Group, Saint John, NB

Fundy Harbour Group, Saint John, NB
Energy Efficiency Program : Commercial Buildings Retrofit Program
Total Company Investment in Project : $3,357,000
Total Rebates Received : $598,520
Efficiency Upgrades Completed : LED lighting retrofit, lighting control system, economizer upgrade, insulation and air sealing, automated blinds, controls upgrades and recommissioning, window replacements, high-efficiency elevator upgrade, boiler upgrades.
Total Annual Energy Savings Estimate : $81,395


The Fundy Harbour Group is a real estate company based in Saint John, specializing in large-scale residential and mixed-use building redevelopment projects. Ensuring their buildings are energy efficient and incorporate advanced technology is paramount to achieving their business’s sustainability goals and enhancing tenant satisfaction.  

In renovating the 1970’s era city hall building in Saint John, they started their project with an energy audit through our SaveEnergyNB program. The audit helped identify the upgrades that would yield the best results and provide a roadmap for current and future projects. 

The city hall upgrades are being completed in phases, but energy costs have already been lowered by more than 50%. With advice from our energy experts, and local contractors, the building has been upgraded with improved insulation, better lighting, heating systems and more.  

The Fundy Harbour Group maintains a standard of excellence in building operation and maintenance. Continued participation in SaveEnergyNB’s energy efficiency programs will ensure a quality, comfortable, and energy-efficient environment for existing and future tenants, while continuing to revitalize the Port City.