M&M Services, Grand Falls, NB
Energy Efficiency Programs: Business Rebate Program
Program Participant: M&M Services, Grand Falls
Total Company Investment in Project: $56,770
Total Rebates Received: : $14,190
Efficiency Upgrades Completed: Replaced inefficient lighting with LED fixtures and replaced baseboard heaters with high-efficiency heat pumps
”The process was explained well, and NB Power even had someone available by phone, which is rare these days” - Howard Pinette, Mechanic Division Manager.


For over 24 years, M&M Services has provided the Grand Falls area with delivery truck equipment maintenance, design, manufacturing, and installations.

To maintain its service quality, M&M Services wanted to improve the work environment for its on-site employees, but the project costs proved to be a barrier. That is when Howard Pinette, Mechanic Division Manager, found out about the Business Rebate Program offered by NB Power. The program turned out to be the perfect solution to multiple challenges in the building, like the warehouse lights taking too long to brighten, inconsistent heating/cooling in the office areas, and more.

One of M&M Services’ priorities was updating their retail shop, storage sheds and the parts department’s dim lighting. The inefficient lights were slow to warm up and brighten their workshop and warehouse bays. They were replaced with new LED lights that not only brighten immediately but also provide increased light, making equipment repairs and maintenance work easier and safer for staff.

The other area for improvement was in M&M Services’ heating systems. The old baseboard heaters heated their offices and retail space but not comfortably, making employees too hot or cold depending on their location in the building. Since updating the heating system with new heat pumps, all staff now work in comfort thanks to its steady and even heat distribution in the winter and the added bonus of cooling in the summer.

Howard says he is grateful not only for NB Power’s incentives but also for how well their customer service assisted him. “The process was explained well, and NB Power even had someone available by phone, which is rare these days.”

The results that M&M Services achieved through the program, show you can get measurable energy savings, a more comfortable working and shopping environment and reduce your carbon footprint, all by going greener.