How do I apply for direct deposit?

Step 1: Fill out the Direct Deposit Enrolment Form.

Step 2: Submit the completed form via email here: or print and mail it to: NB Power, Attn: Energy Inquiries, 3rd floor, 515 King Street, PO Box 2000, Station A, Fredericton, NB E3B 4X1

How do I find my bank account information?

Your account information is on your personal cheques or online account.  You will need to attach a void cheque to your Direct Deposit Enrolment Form. If you can't find the information, call or visit your financial institution.

What if my bank account information changes before I receive my incentive?

To update your banking information, please complete a new Direct Deposit Enrolment Form. Please do not use this form to provide change of address information. If you update your direct deposit information, it is always a good practice to leave your account open until your incentive is deposited into the new account.

Can I use a different bank account for my incentive then the one I use for my Pre-authorized Payment Plan with NB Power?

Yes. NB Power will only use the account information that you have provided on your Direct Deposit Enrolment Form for incentives.

What if I do not want to receive my incentive by direct deposit?

Direct deposit is a convenient, reliable, secure and faster way to receive your incentive.  If we have not received a completed Direct Deposit Enrolment Form at the time your incentive is processed, a cheque will be issued to your mailing address on record.