We’ll be expanding our programs to include customers who heat with oil and have a household income of less than $70,000. Program details are still being developed and applications will be available January 16, 2023.

NB Power expands Enhanced Energy Savings Program Contractor Network

November 10, 2022

Given the size and scope of the Enhanced Energy Savings Program as well as concerns from the business community, NB Power will be expanding the contractor network for the Program to qualified contractors in addition to Greenfoot Energy Solutions.

On November 10, NB Power will be issuing a Request for Qualification for heat pump and insulation contractors on the New Brunswick Opportunities Network.  This document will outline qualification requirements as well as the program’s terms and conditions.

Eligible customers who have been accepted into the program will have the ability to choose from any qualified contractor in their service zone to complete the work that has been recommended in their home assessment and approved by NB Power.