Thanks to efficiency upgrades incorporated into the building process the expected annual energy savings for this new home are $1,100 a year compared to the same home built to code minimums.

Single story slab-on-grade bungalow – Salisbury, NB
1254 square feet, greater than 300 m³ volume
Upgrades beyond code minimum:
  • R60 effective attic insulation
  • R24 effective above grade walls
  • Triple glazed ENERGY STAR windows
  • ENERGY STAR heat recovery ventilator
  • Cold climate central air source heat pump
  • ENERGY STAR heat pump water heater
Performance and savings::
  • Envelope performance improvement: 26%
  • Overall improvement: 66%
  • Expected annual savings compared to the same home built to code minimums: $1,100
Estimated cost of efficiency upgrades: $10,000 to $15,000:
  • This is the incremental cost beyond code minimum. For example, it does not include the full cost of a central air source heat pump. Rather, it includes the extra cost of a cold climate model compared to a base model.
Incentive: $9,000:
  • Comparing the incentive from reaching Energy Performance Tier 4 to the Prescriptive upgrades completed, the Performance based option results in a higher amount.