Expect a home visit

In order to properly size and position your mini-split heat pump system, the contractor needs to perform a home evaluation. While a company may be able to give you a price range over the phone you should be wary of getting an actual quote or recommendation without a home evaluation. Incorrect sizing and/or placement of your heat pump can mean reduced savings and efficiency.

Get three quotes

A mini-split heat pump is a major purchase in most households so you should contact two or three contractors and compare their quotes based on the equipment efficiency and performance, warranty and cost of installation. The lowest price may not always reflect the best deal.

Hire a professional

When hiring any contractor, make sure they carry liability and workers’ compensation coverage, they employ licensed tradespeople to perform the installation and that they will be responsible for any permits or licenses required by your municipality.

Ask for and call references

Every reputable contractor should have many happy customers. Ask them for references, their credentials and call and ask about their experience with the installation and performance of their heat pump. 

Know your warranty

When it comes to warranties, understand not only the warranty on the heat pump itself but also the warranty on the installation job. Contractors should guarantee their work for at least three months.

Get it in writing

Make sure you have a complete written account of all of the things (efficiency, warranty, installation, work schedule, payment schedule, financing options, etc.) you want to consider when comparing your contractors’ quotes.

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