Save Energy NB
écoénergie fièrement offert par Énergie NB

We’ve introduced a commercial and industrial incentive program to support increased energy efficiency in new construction and building expansions.

This program encourages the adoption of new construction practices that use less energy and lower greenhouse gas emissions. This will help the construction and design industry prepare for the low carbon economy and the transition to net-zero energy ready construction codes.

Program benefits:

  • Energy savings through increased energy efficiency
  • Reduced carbon emissions
  • Helping the transition to a low carbon economy
  • Moving towards net-zero energy ready buildings

Eligibility Criteria*

Available to new commercial and industrial construction in New Brunswick depending on building type and fuel type. Please do not start the project or incur any costs until you’ve connected with our team to discuss next steps.

Eligible building types include (but not limited to):
Commercial and industrial buildings
Mixed-use and multi-unit residential buildings (MURBs)
Buildings owned by not-for-profit organizations or First Nations
New building construction
Additions to an existing building structure
Buildings undergoing a complete renewal of all systems impacting energy consumption
Eligible fuel types:
Buildings heated using electricity and/or other eligible fuel types


*Terms & Conditions apply. Some building exclusions are in effect, for example government-owned buildings or buildings heated with oil or other fuels with greenhouse gas emissions greater than or equal to oil. For complete details, please contact the NCCI Program team through the enquiry form.