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Commercial Buildings Retrofit Program

Fundy Harbour Group, Saint John, NB

The energy audit helped identify the upgrades that would yield the best results and provide a roadmap for current and future projects. The city hall upgrades are being completed in phases, but energy costs have already been lowered by more than 50%.

Fundy Harbour Group Project

Bonté Foods, Dieppe, NB

“NB Power’s program, including the application and approval process, made our decision of choosing a more costly but efficient VFD-driven air compressor quicker and easier.”

Bonté Foods Project

M&M Services, Grand Falls, NB

“The process was explained well, and NB Power even had someone available by phone, which is rare these days.”

M&M Services Project

NB Box, Saint John, NB

“The rebate literally made the renovation possible. We couldn't afford to make these kinds of changes on this scale right away without the rebate.”

NB Box Project

Moncton Golf and Country Club, Riverview, NB

“Our members really appreciate walking into the clubhouse after 18-holes and being able to cool off and relax.”

Moncton Golf and Country Club Project

Bethel Assembly Church, Woodstock, NB

“We want to be a help and reduce our energy consumption in the province, and we knew we could find cost-savings through the mini-splits. And on top of the cost savings, members of our congregation are much more comfortable now.”

Bethel Assembly Church Project

Radical Edge, Fredericton, NB

“It is through community efforts like these, that we will be able to conserve nature and allow younger generations to enjoy the outdoors for years to come.”


Radical Edge Project

Historica Developments, Saint John, NB

"These upgrades make our properties more attractive to potential tenants, while also significantly improving our retention."

Historica Developments Project

Canadian Tire, Atholville, NB

“With NB Power’s program, you save so much that you get a return within a few years. After that, you have piece of mind and quality lighting.”

Canadian Tire Project

Mount Allison University, Sackville, NB

“The renovation has made huge steps forward for reducing energy consumption and improving temperature control for this facility.”

Mount Allison University Project

Crabbe Mountain, Central Hainesville, NB

“We’re saving money, which is great, but we’re also offering a better experience for our customers – with more runs open earlier than in previous years.”

Crabbe Mountain Project

Clark Chevrolet Cadillac Dealership, Fredericton, NB

“These upgrades have been a great for us. Not only do we see a big difference in the quality of lighting on the vehicles in our lot and we saw a drop in our energy costs right away.”

Clark Chevrolet Fredericton Project

Town Hall, Town of Hampton, NB

"Our building is comfortable, well-lit and less expensive to operate thanks to the upgrades we completed."

Hampton Town Hall Project

Fairvale Animal Hospital, Rothesay, NB

"We’re seeing savings and our staff find the clinic better lit and more comfortable."

Fairvale Animal Hospital Project

Clark Chevrolet Cadillac Dealership, Sussex, NB

“We see a big difference in the quality of lighting on the vehicles in the lot and we saw a difference in our energy costs right away.”

Clark Chevrolet Sussex Project

Beaverbrook Art Gallery, Fredericton, NB

"To give you an idea of how much energy we’re saving, we have made a significant expansion to our building without seeing an increase in energy consumption. Basically, the building got a lot bigger, but the energy bill hasn’t."

Beaverbrook Art Gallery Project

AV Cell, Atholville, NB

“All industries, big or small, should take advantage of this  program that not only helps us reduce energy consumption and make our operation more sustainable but also contributes to address one of the biggest challenges humanity is facing today: climate change.”

AV Cell Project

Ocean Steel and Strescon, Saint John, NB

”It’s a win-win. The lighting works better, it cost less, and we are doing our part for the environment. Every bit helps!"

Ocean Steel and Strescon Project

Canadian Organic Maple, NB

"We believe the responsible thing to do is emit less carbon. we’re committed to doing that personally and as a company."

Canadian Organic Maple Project

Apex Industries, Moncton, NB

“We’re very pleased with the results through the program. It was easy to participate in, and the benefits have extended beyond energy savings with improved lighting, less maintenance, and gains in productivity. I can not stress enough how easy it was to participate and receive incentives.”

Apex Industries Project

Pump House Brewery, Moncton, NB

Pump House Brewery saw savings and improved working environment with LED lighting upgrades.

Pump House Brewery Project